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Credit Sweep

Line of credit, account daily sweep. We show you how to remove accounts, and old accounts are your positive credit. Positive credit is based on the fair credit reporting act (FCRA 1970). Sure, fire way of cleaning up your credit is paying someone to teach you how to file a credit sweep. You may be asking yourself, are credit sweeps effective? Absolutely. A credit sweep is a form of credit repair. Our credit sweep is proprietary and extremely effective. Are credit sweeps legal? Yes, under 1970, FCRA it is 100% legal to file credit sweep.

Credit Bureaus are not your friends. You have to force them to delete errors. If not, they will give you the 7-year runaround. Furthermore, you do not need to be a victim of identity theft to use this program. But it would speed up your process. Make sure you are not a victim; most people won’t even know for years. 13,000,000 Americans, on average, have their identity stolen every single year.

So, we have developed two methods for systematically combating the credit bureaus. Because there are laws that prevent credit bureaus from reporting accounts, we exploit every angle to its maximum extent. Consequently, we hold them accountable for their mistakes and give you superior results. Tested, Proven, and, Efficient. 609 credit repair and how to fix my credit.


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